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AVERS spol. s r. o.


Renovation of monuments/old buildings and contemporary architecture. Caring for monuments and old buildings and their values created by older generations as well as being involved in new generations’ projects. That is what Avers is about.

It has always been very important for Avers to respect old construction techniques in order to make sure that monuments and old buildings remain their originality, but at the same time, use new modern technologies and materials to ensure maximum quality work.

Avers’s approach to its work has brought many successful project’s realizations in the Czech Republic and foreign countries, and Avers’s total projects’ turn over had reached to around 4milliard Czech Crowns by the year of 2012. It is also Avers’s core values:  versatility, readiness, determination, an attention for detail, respect, and honesty that has helped Avers to complete so many successful projects.

Nowadays, renovation and modernization of existing monuments, old houses, old flats, old administration buildings, and old technical and industrial buildings is still a permanent part of Avers’s work; however, a number of new building realization projects have been largely increasing in Avers's portfolio. Avers finds those fields (monuments/ old buildings renovation and new building realization) both equally fascinating.

Avers’s high emphases on quality, its team of knowledgeable and experience professionals, valuable experiences, frequent modernization of company’s technical equipment, careful selection of its external partners, and its core values helped to firmly secure Avers among the best companies in the industry and be a synonym for professionalism and quality.